Hi, I’m Kayoko Nakamura, founder and creator of Happy Lucky Little Things.  My jewelry is inspired by all the small happinesses in my day-to-day life and in my travels around the world. I hope to provide you with jewelry that makes you happy, smile, and lucky! Here is my story.

Tokyo, August 1966

I was born in August 1966 which is called “a special horse” year in the Chinese Calendar.  Actually in Japan this “special horse” year indicates that there would be many natural disasters and women who were born in this year will have very strong characters.  In Japanese society, traditionally dominated by men, this indicates that women born in that year would be outstripping the menfolk, which  means that such women would never find a suitable husband.  In fact the birth rate went down in 1966.  At that time in Japan, there were not many foreign people.  You would never see the foreigners out there!  It was only on TV that you would see foreigners and I somehow developped an eagerness to see the world outside of Japan by watching foreign TV programs and documentaries, showing other countries. I still remember watching a TV program every Sunday which showed places around the world and I thought “one day… one day I will be there to see with my own eyes!”

USA, Spring 1986

So after getting my college diploma in Tokyo, it was time for me to travel.  I spent 3 years in the USA and a year in Europe as a student. This gave me great opportunities to travel around the USA and Europe to visit the places I had only seen on TV when I was a kid.  These experiences fed my hunger to see the world in great degree and influenced my life.

Neuchâtel, Spring 1996

So after travelling around the world I decided to moved to Switzerland for good, where I started my family and professional life.  It was Spring 1996.  Everything went ok and I lived a quite life with my family.  I love my family and I had a satisfying job, but I felt something was missing from my life. I figured out that what was missing from my life was “ME” and in order to find “ME”, I progressively committed  myself to creations of all kinds.  Sometimes it was cooking, patisseries, knitting, crocheting, sewing, etc etc.  In 2014, I started creating jewelry and it was a perfect match for my creative life.  I can express the current status of my mind with a combination of semi-precious gemstone beads and metal.  The creation has fulfilled my emptiness.  I fell in love with the beauty of semi-precious gemstones and ever since the creation of jewelry has become part of my life.  So here you are, welcome to my world!

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