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Happy Lucky Little Things.  Yes it’s a long name.  But when I though what name I can give to my brand, this is the only name it made sense.  The accessories of Happy Lucky Little Things are inspired by the small happinesses in our day to day life.  I wish that jewelries will bring you the rayon of sun during the day, and also make you conscious that the happiness is everywhere.  I hope you enjoy my creation.  Welcome to my world!

Kayoko Nakamura

Happy creator


What I Make


Semi-precious gemstones, cristal beads, cord, and chain, there are so many choices!  Have a look on my bracelet section!



Short, long, beaded, chain, all kinds of necklaces can be found here!


Simple hoop earring that represents the seasons are here!


Cute golden wire rings that brings your happiness!


Mainly made with semi-precious gemstones and shell.  Sounds like summer, right?


Hand sewed or crochetted bag.  Mainly natural raffia products.

Urban accessories

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Handmade Jewelry Made With Love


in my atelier in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.  The selected pieces are assemble by my cares.  It is not the mas-production jewerlley.  That means you can design your own style and I can realise your dream jewellery for you! No inspiration? No problem!  You will certainly find what you are looking for in my shop. See more details on the products and handling, click below.

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